Ms. Vidhi Khokhani

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M.E. Water Resources Engineering & Management
  • Experience : 6 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Water Resources Engineering & Management

Personal Details

Ms. Khokhani Vidhi Hasmukhray

Educational Qualification

B.E.(CIVIL) Lukhdhirji Engineering College Morbi, Saurastra University, Gujarat. First Class with Distinction 2006 M.E.( Water Resources Engineering & Management) Lukhdhirji Engineering College Morbi, Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat First Class with Distinction 2012 Ph. D. Pursuing ( Water Resources Engineering ) C.U. Shah University, Wadhvan since 2014

Work Experience

Assistant Engineer (Civil) Water and Sanitation Organization, Aanand.(6 Months) Adhock Lecturer (Civil Engineering Department) Om shanti Institute OF Engineering & Technology, Rajkot (3 Months) Adhoc Lecturer (Civil Engineering Department) Lukhdhirji Engineering College Morbi (2009-2010) Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering Department) Darshan Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot (2012 - 2017) Assistant Engineer Salinity Control Division Jamnagar Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply and Kalpsar Department (jan 2017 - july 2017) Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering Department) Lukhdhirji Engineering College Morbi. Since july 2017.

Skill and Knowledge

Software: Civil and Water Resources Engineering Software AutoCAD, Stormcad, Watercad, SWMM, EpaNET, MapINFO, ArcGIS, SURFER, Ecotech, MIKE, HEC GMS, HEC RAS, Banch, LOOP, Urban Developer. Interpersonal Skill : Teaching, Lecturing, Training, Counselling Language Skills English (Speak/Read/Write) Hindi (Speak/Read/Write) Gujarati (Speak/Read/Write) Sanskirt (Read/Write)

Course Taught

Following courses are taught (Lecture and Laboratories) at undergraduate, and post-graduate level Undergraduate (B. E.Civil Engineering) 1. Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering 2. Irrigation Engineering 3. Fluid Mechanics 4. Applied Fluid Mechanics 5. Elements of Civil Engineering Post – graduate (M. E. Water Resources Engineering) 1. Hydrology and Watershed Management 2. Remote sensing 3. Advanced fluid mechanics 4. Groundwater management

Training and workshop

1. HYDRO 2011 (SVNIT, Surat) 2. NCAET 2012 (KITRC, Kalol) 3. TEQIP II On Hydraulic & Hydrologic Modelling 2013 (SVNIT, Surat.) 4. Extention of Horizon in Infrastructural Development : Concept to Application 2013 (LEC, Morbi.) 5. RACEM 2014 (SVNIT, Surat) 6. Application of GIS 2015 (BVM, Vidyanagar) 7. MONSOON SCHOOL IISC 2015 (Banglore) 8. ICTM 2017 (Sankalchand Patel University, Visnagar.) Workshop and event organised 1. FROLIC 2011(MOD CIVIL) at DIET 2. FROLIC 2012(MOD CIVIL) at DIET 3. FROLIC 2013 (MOD CIVIL) at DIET 4. FROLIC 2014(CONJURE DA COUPOLA) at DIET 5. FROLIC 2015(PRATIKRUTI) at DIET 6. Seminar on Basics of Total Station at L.E.C. 2018 7. Seminar on AutoCad at L.E.C. 2018 8. Technical Events - Civil Villa Survey, Fluid Expo 2018 at LEC


1. Assistant Hostel Warden F 2. Member in Women cell empowerment 3. Design Engineering and Project Coordinator Department level 4. Mentor in Summer Innovation Challenge 2018 5. Class Coordinator of B.E. 2nd year and M.E. 1 st Year 6. Cordinator for 100 point Activities 7. Clerical work of Duty leave and HQL 8. Member of Samvad Megezine 9. Member in Mukhyamantri Apprentice Yojna 10. Departmental Writeoff 11. Deparmental GTU Admin panel and MIS related work

Research Projects

Low Impact Development – Using DEM of Rajkot – Time series Analysis Using Historical Data


Low impact development modeling to restore urban watershed hydrology in Rajkot city” JET – GIT Journal 2011 (ISSN 2249 - 6157) 2. “Low impact development modeling. A case study of LID and its hydrologic evaluation” Conference NCAET 2012, Kalol. 3. “Green solution To manage urban stormwater runoff in Rajkot city” IJDI – ERET Journal 2013 (ISSN 2320 - 7590) 4. "Parking Management Blueprints for Rajkot - Solution, to Urban Transport Problems" Website IJRAT 2015 (ISSN 2321 - 9637) (Guided) 5. "Generating Water Resources Management Database For Rajkot City In GIS Environment" publish in ICTM 2017(ISBN 978-93-5267-370-4)

Acadamic Projects

Developed Hydrology laboratory at Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology purchased 2 lakh amount instruments - Raingauges, Evaporimeter, Infiltrometer and current meter. Year 2014

Patent Filed


Proffessional Institution Memberships

1. Life membership - ISTE (Indian Society For Technical Education) - LM 85504. 2. Life membership – ISG (Indian Society of Geomatics) – L 1684 3. Developed Hydrology Lab as per standards of I.M.D. In Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology .

Expert Lecturers

Expert Lecturer In M.E. at L.E.College, Morbi April 2015 about SWMM Software